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Probst Construction was founded almost a decade ago, in 2004. Owner Henry Probst, a farmer by trade, spent his teens working part-time in construction, building numerous homes and working on a variety of construction projects. After graduating from high school at the age of 18, Henry struck out on his own, founding Probst Construction. Today, the company is dedicated to construction of all kinds, both residential and commercial – projects big and small. From big, beautiful new homes to NBA flooring or NFL and PGA turf, we’ve done it all!


Probst Construction is committed to giving back to our community. Henry grew up in this town, and is proud to support its local high school students. We’ve even founded the Probst Construction Scholarship Fund, awarding two scholarships each year for students to pursue a construction-related degree. We also regularly donate to a variety of charities, and participate in many Habitat for Humanity builds.

At Probst Construction, we love giving back to our community, and we hope to inspire others to help and contribute as well.